A collection turns into a selection

Using collection as a tool and a publication as the space for it. The first state of the A selection that turns into a collection is an online publication at issue.com. At the same time an object is created in a printed format.
The form of each publication varies in size and texture. Each issue has a different subtitle and a guest or guests are invited to participate from different fields.

Each issue is a unique copy and through different binding and print formats, each issue asks for a different posture of reading.

Duration:Twelve months
Material: Dialogues, unplanned meetings, observations, objects, spaces.
Seven hand made artist books, each one is a unique copy

Link to the publications

MAYBE, I WON’T SPEAK AT ALL, with Susanna Browne
Voices heard in the city became recorded memos for describing its conditions. Based on dialogues with strangers.
Print format:18X25cm

Fresh Cut Grass, with Dora Economou
Impressions / αποτυπώσεις of public meetings.
Print format: 19,5 x 13cm

Yellow glue, with Manos Tsichlis
Points where the outside meets with the inside and vice versa: a doorstep, the wall around the city, a dome, the screen, steps. The connections points are points of meeting as well as points of interruption. Is the moment of interruption necessary for the connection to occur? or it remains a devision?
Print format: A4 (spread: 21x 59,4)

Storying* with Clara J:son Borg, Raluca Croitoru, Jessica Dunleavy, Daniel Fogarty, Evanthia Giannakopoulou, Giannis de la Grammatikas, Hannah James, Marina Kaloteraki, Antigoni Michalakopoulou, Cristina Martin De Juan, Christine Mille, Maria Nikiforaki, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Wim Sjerps, Giannis Sinioroglou, Giorgos Sifostratoudakis, Theodora Sifostratoudaki, Korina Strati, Giannis Tzamtzis, Tiffin Breen
Storying* keep or accumulate (something) for future use

Scuba Diving with Antigoni Michalacopoulou and the strory of The island which is folded like a dry bread.Scuba Diving with Antigoni Michalacopoulou and the strory of The island which is folded like a dry bread. The story is written by Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, edited by Petra van der Kooij and read by Angharad Williams, Brenda A van Zanten

What are you looking at? with Hannah Dawn Henderson
size: 100x100cm (folded in half when read)

“In and out” , with Sriwhana Spong
Based in the performance ‘Χωρός’,‘χόρος’, if you misspell the word -choros-in greek, then somehow space becomes dance and dance becomes space.
A friendly chat than becomes a script, is spoken by others. The object is in between the frame of the people, acting out sometimes as a mediator others as a tool or by simply exciting with them.
size: A3 single pages in white paper partially glassed