Yellow Brick

Founded in 2016, and hosted by artist Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Yellow Brick is a non-profit work-house* for ‘local’ and ‘international artists, art collectives, curators, writers, thinkers and makers.

Yellow Brick advocates co-authorship amongst different agents by instigating multidisciplinary dialogues and experiences. We exist through operating within cultural and social fields, especially in the community of Nea Ionia – a migrant neighbourhood in the periphery of Athens.
Yellow Brick investigates the relational prospects and affinities inherent in creative acts.
For the past several years, it has been fostering a variety of conceptual, social, and making-focused research trajectories through affective relations with people, nature, institutions, infrastructures, objects and everything in the seams/ραφές.
Agents involved in/with Yellow Brick act as hosts and participants, gardeners and blossoming gardens, as poetic activators of forms and of ideas, and as pollinators of its ethos.

Yellow Brick invites proposals from cultural workers residing in Greece and abroad to be hosted, activated, and showcased September through December and March through July.

Yellow Brick’s ecosystem encompasses:
STEPs: Public manifestations of research in progress taking place at and with Yellow Brick.
FOOD for THOUGHT: Communal culinary events where locals and international guests come together to get to know each other, learn, listen, and exchange.
ACTIONS: Satellite activities/public moments with partner institutions.
YELLOW BOOKs: A capricious publishing house that seeks to further develop the production and distribution of artist books in the Greek context.
YELLOW PLAYGROUND: Crafting /making gatherings for children led by local and international agents.
WORKHOUSE FACILITIES: A combined studio and exhibition space, a private sleeping area, private bathroom, shared kitchen, and a beautiful terrace.

Yellow Brick’s edges and flow recall that of a river moving towards the sea, thus implying its relation within a vast landscape.

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