Rest is in the yellow of the autumn leaves, healing as a common practise

Even if not always evident, in all trees there is a moment when new leaves are generated with the letting go of the old ones. In the cycle of the seasons, nature rests, flourishes, regenerates, pauses. What would it look like if we embraced the seasonal tempo of our lives? Could healing then become an act of collective regeneration, of love and care which transforms us? Could we allow vulnerability and trust to become our strength and nurture our relations? What would our society look like then?

Together we think about healing as an intimate but also as a common practice of care. Embracing reading, writing, sewing, drawing and rest as our tool for sharing experiences of transitional seasons of our life.

Each participant received Rest is in the Yellow of the Autumn Leaves: Healing as a Common Practice workbook to guide their individual and collective healing process. The zine contains text of Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory (2020) and questions on which we will reflect on.

Part of ‘From body to body’ and on going research and the annual program of Mouries Collective 
Kindly supported by Gwaertler Stiftung and the Necessity Fund

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