Some have only a name and others carry a story.

Lavreotiki, a mining place since antiquity by the coast of Attica is marked by an ongoing complex history.  I was interested in stones as a means of storytelling, as fragments of history; the history of the land and the people who lived and worked in the mines of Lavreotiki. I looked for gestures and clues, which reveal the personal relationship of people with the landscape, minerals and stones. With ephemeral performative gestures in the landscape like offerings –with porcelain pieces,  found and brought stones, and choreographed action– I attempt to feel and listen closely to the land.

Part of Lavreotiki Art Project curated by Amalia Charikiopoulou
Ellianna Otta, Isa Gutierrez Sanchez, Maria Juliana Byck, Θάλια Δημητροπουλου
Photography adviser 
Nuno Cassola


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