Is not there

Is not there. A conversation between Rembrandt, El Greco, Caravaggio and the market place. I found these six small plastic bowls in the market. For a moment it was all there. The colour, the rain, the fabric, the lady’s voice, the table, the weather, the mist, the temperature, the humidity of the paintings. I stood there and stared at them. Should I take them? Will they be the same? What if it is not there from the start? Somehow, it was there, the painting, the landscape, the weather of the paintings, their colours/ the absence of light. The lady said, one euro all, for peanuts? But I kept wondering would it be there? I decided to move them. I tried to memorise the moment, the light, the temperature, the way the hand of the lady placed them on the table. Now I am here, but they are not here. I placed them on the white wall, I cleaned them. A mistake? Their colour is gone. Was the colour in the dirt? Should I reconstruct the place? But how could I? It was the smell of the grass in the park, it was the light rain, the cloudy light, it was the lady. It was my agony to choose, should I take them or not? Would it be once again, that it would vanish? I try to remember the colour of the table? Was it plastic or fabric? I can’t. I project but nothing matches. I’ m looking for the paintings but they are not there, I can’t find them. Maybe it was just a vague memory of them?


“Is not there” is a wall piece comprising six objects and a hand written text, the text is hand written beside of the object’s arrangement in a long line.