The fold of the cube

“The body is our mode for perceiving scale and, as the body of the other, becomes our antithetical mode of stating conventions of symmetry and balance on then hand, and the grotesque and the disproportionate on the other.”*Susan Stewart, p.ix

The realising of the work, was evident throughout the change of the materials and the walks of the people.(ex.the drops of water liking from the bags in the floor) and the three actions would take place on the site, revealing another part in a continuous process of the sculpture, which is becoming.

Materials/ Elements
clay, transparent plastic, wood, paint, plants, aluminium foil, metal, porcelain, plaster, lighter, bullet, glass, cement floor, chairs (designed by Gerrit Rietveld), water, wax, cobalt blue dress, sample of printed colour, cotton fabric, stones, shopping trolley, a needle

The work was produced in dialogue with Jonas Van Bockhaven, Doctor in Applied Biological Sciences.

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Exhibition “HIGH-RISE”
Curated by Maaike Gouwenberg
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Images credits Aad Hoogendoorn