The City View

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A muddy note on the wall

A playground and the Light Box

A model city

Wallpaper Postcards

The The City View is a transportable landscape which is developed in several scenarios. It is a model which fits into hand luggage, it is a nature carpet as seen when walking in the Bavarian mountains, it is a setting in a garden and a parking space which adjoins the centre of Rotterdam; it becomes a light box in a studio, a muddy note on the wall, a post card, a text, a wallpaper painting.

Subtitles: A muddy note on the wall, A Playground and the Light Box, The model City, Wallpaper Postcards

Wood, moss, clay / mud, postcards with pencil drawings depicting the life and scenery of Egloffstein (probably in 18th century), metal, porcelain, a closet, benches, garbage bags, glue, metal pins with golden heads, logs and photographs.