Four Pennys, One Act, First Act

With the workshop/sort residency “Four Pennys, One Act, First Act” we explore the every-day practices and materials of a dialogue being transferred from Skype to Grüntaler9 and its peripheries. Using objects, installations, documentation, performance orientated practices and cooking, we attempted to create a fictional scenario of inhabiting the space by common acts, interventions and installations alluding to waiting-welcoming-preparing daily practices.

Cooking “Revithada” (chickpeas) in the “Silk Roads” of Berlin, setting up a “Symposium” of narrations and techniques during the Fridäy Süpperclüb, sharing moments & bottom lines of past, present and future co-existences.

Grüntaler9, Berlin, Germany

4 Pennys Collective – Rilène Markopoulou, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki, Eva Giannakopoulou, Maria Nikiforaki

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