The Island which is folded like dry bread


Upomniki, Reader Angharad Williams

Kralingen Botanical Garden
Reader Angharad Williams , Introduction the Botanical Garden in Kraligen. about the Jack de Graaf the Gardener

Leeszaal communal library with m/other voices foundation
Reader Brenda A van Zanten

The Island which is folded like dry bread is a research based work by Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki that takes place throughout three separate readings, each being hosted in a different space in Rotterdam: a gallery and its pavement, inside a botanical garden, and on the square in front of a communal reading room. During the events the different groups are invited to listen to the story and after this we construct a temporal and transportable island. Throughout the interplay of the group a new reading is possible for ourselves and for the viewer passing by.

Yellow plastic tubes,semi-transparent plastic sheet, story
All the materials are provided.
Languages English, Dutch

Image Credits audience and Jozeth van de Snepscheut
Edited and translated by Petra van der Kooij

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