Someone is stealing my water

Time as an object an amplifier, rather than an effect.

Someone is stealing my water is a process work which started in the year 2013 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was an anecdote which occurred in my studio and continued by the realisation of is cause of the physical phenomenon of evaporation. In the first stage, it took the form of the documentation of the phenomenon in a “white frame” which I made in my studio, documenting the phenomenon with a camera from different angles and writing down the time of the day. Using as plastic elements the natural light, the phenomenon of evaporation and the camera. Each picture has the date and time it was taken as shown in the following diagram. (Duration three months)

The duration and form of the work is possible to develop in different landscapes and with in different formats of plasticity. As it self is an observation of the horizon as a physical space and concept. In the first stage took a microscopic size in my studio with in a jar of diameter 11cm and high of 11cm and the glas was 5mm thick. And was communicated by the pictures either in printed format or slight projection in different events.

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