“Time seems to have an impact at objects that is not observed in the everyday notion. A common state is observed between objects and organisms that lead to the transformation of matter. In this understanding time may finally be perceived as an object as well, as part of the same equation. Maybe the limits of describing entities or reality is somewhere between the meaning of space / world / self / others / possibility / matter / function / meaning / time.”Link

“Mushrooms” consist of a log in a cube made out of plexiglas and a non – sequential documentation of the different stages. Each side of he cube is of 51x51cm, only one side has a 12 cm gap at the bottom.

The ideal form of the cube transforms a natural object to a treasure object. The classic conditions for presenting the object, is interrupted as much as from the form of the mushrooms and their the continuous transformation, as well as from the side opening that implies the possibility of engagement of the audience with the object.

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